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ShackStream: X-Men vs. Street Fighter 25th Anniversary Special

Join Bryan for an extra special 25th anniversary crossover event celebrating two and a half decades of X-Men vs Street Fighter and Shacknews.


Greetings, Shacknews! We've been enjoying 25 years of Shacknews throughout 2021 and it's time for a little crossover combination celebration with some special anniversary streams for games that also debuted in the fated year of 1996. Tonight we have the OG installment of the long running tag-team Marvel vs. Capcom series, X-Men vs. Street Fighter. The chocolate of comics collides with the peanut butter of arcades starting later tonight at 9 p.m. PT/ 12 a.m. ET, only on Shacknews Twitch.

X-Men vs Street Fighter 25th Anniversary Special

There's one obvious commonality between Shacknews and any video games released in 1996, we're all celebrating our 25th anniversaries this year! Quake has had a deluge of amazing  coverage here including a QuakeWorld staff battle and community tournament, which is appropriate given our id Software arena shooter roots. Tonight, however, we're going to highlight another game that premiered twenty-five years ago. In place of my usual skankcore64 livestream, I'll be hosting a special anniversary showcase for the Capcom tag-team crossover original, X-Men vs. Street Fighter.

With my usual Wednesday late-night stream scheduled for midnight Eastern, the timing couldn't be more perfect to put a spotlight on an arcade classic that started the popular and still enduring Marvel vs. Capcom fighting game franchise. Previous games like X-Men: Children of the Atom and Marvel Super Heroes set the stage for Capcom to take the license to make Marvel fighting games on an entirely new level. The tag-team combat in X-Men vs. Street Fighter brought a new layer of mix-ups and combinations to the 2D fighting game genre.

If you're a night owl in North America with a penchant for digital pugilism, you won't want to miss the fighting festivities as I play the CPS2 version of X-Men vs. Street Fighter replicated on the MiSTer FPGA platform. You can join the celebration simply by watching the embedded viewer above or head to Shacknews Twitch where the real party is happening!

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From the test launch of the NES in New York to 4K gaming in his living room, Bryan Lefler has been immersed in video games his entire life. Battle tested in the arena shooters of the turn of the century yet kind to all animals that may cross him, Bryan enjoys a breadth of games but strives to be the best in any contest of digital skill. He is a former esports competitor and has been part of the Shacknews community for over 15 years. You can also catch him on skankcore64 streams on the Shacknews Twitch channel where he plays through the N64 library and follow him on Twitter @skankcore.

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