Marvel's Avengers roadmap sees winter target for Spider-Man

Earth's Mightiest Heroes will be joined by the Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man before the end of the year... as long as you're on PlayStation.


Contrary to the assumptions of some, Marvel's Avengers is very much alive. Or, if you'd prefer, based on this week's episode of Marvel's What If...?, it's shuffling along like a Marvel Zombie. Regardless, Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics have a full slew of content lined up for the coming months and that includes the long-awaited debut of Spider-Man.

A detailed game plan was outlined on the Marvel's Avengers website:

The North Star for our development team for the last several months has been delivering the best version of Wakanda and the Black Panther to our fans. Now that we've launched War for Wakanda, we're shifting our attention to some other areas of the game that we want to address in the next phase. In the upcoming months, we plan to rework and improve many of the game's systems to make it more rewarding to play on an ongoing basis. At the same time, we are looking at how people are playing and analyzing what works and what we could do better.

For those just entering this world, we have a slew of great cinematic content waiting for you – from the full campaign to new Operations and our recent Expansion. Moving forward, our goal is to deliver more compelling Avengers Initiative content that is replayable. We know our dedicated fans want challenges worthy of the Avengers, and to get that thrill the first time and as strongly the next time they replay it or try it with a different hero in their roster. The upcoming Klaw Raid called Discordant Sound is a great example of what we aim to achieve with future content.

For PlayStation owners, the most intriguing piece of the roadmap involves a certain web-slinger. Spider-Man was first unveiled as a DLC hero way back before Marvel's Avengers even released. He's being heavily teased as the Insomniac Games version of the hero, but because of that, he'll be exclusive to PlayStation platforms. There's still no indication of how Spidey will be incorporated, but the road map does point to a "New Hero Event" set to hit before the end of 2021. More information is expected in the months ahead, though the development team is very clear that no Marvel's Avengers announcements are lined up for this Thursday's PlayStation State of Play presentation.

The other major event to watch out for is the Klaw Raid, which is expected to drop in the near future. Heroes at Power Level 150-160 (160-175, if you want to go Elite) can jump into the first Marvel's Avengers raid. Those following the story will have ample incentive to jump in, as the developers are noting that the raid will act as the conclusion to the recent War for Wakanda chapter.

There's more on the way for Marvel's Avengers, both Spider-Man related and otherwise. We're not done playing this game just yet here at Shacknews, so we'll be here to report on what's next, so stay tuned.

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