Weekend Discussion - September 4, 2021

Happy Saturday! Let's celebrate the first day of our 3-day weekend with Weekend Discussion.


Happy Saturday, everybody! I'm back in control of Weekend Discussion today, so let me show you the coolest stuff happening online, from my Gen Z point of view.

Tom Brady on Mike Vrabel

As a Ravens fan, I hate TB12 as much as the next guy, but you've got to admit, he's pretty funny.

You should listen to Office Ladies

Angela Kinsey and Jenna Fischer, who starred as Angela and Pam respectively on The Office, have a podcast called "Office Ladies," where they talk about their behind-the-scenes experience on the show. Each episode of the podcast is dedicated to an episode of the series, and it's a great deep dive for big fans of the show. There's a lot of fun stories about the cast and crew that I've never heard, giving some fun context to a lot of the show's best moments

What's really neat, is that Comedy Central takes segments from the podcast and animates them. These videos are up on the Comedy Central YouTube channel and are pretty well done.

Cool music samples

Ever since I discovered the @songsandsamples Twitter account, I've been obsessed with learning more about music samples. Of course, I've always known about them, but I guess my music knowledge isn't high enough to catch many of them on my own. The above sample is from one of my favorite songs on Drake's new album.

Samples are also an excellent way to discover older music. I've never heard of Beach House, but I opened up Apple Music and listened to their stuff after learning about this sample from Money Trees!

Lightning strikes 11 times

The slow backaway of the camera-person is a hilarious touch to this clip.

Farting on a roller coaster

A fine mixture of fear and embarassment.

Weekend vibes

Back at it with some music recs. Here are all of the songs that I've got on repeat right now:

Some of my favorite Shacknews articles from this week

And there it is, friends. Another weekend discussion in the books as we kick off the long weekend. Please consider subscribing to Shacknews Mercury to support our site for as little as $1/month.

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