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Wartales interview: Crafting engaging medieval tactical action

Shiro Games is hard at work on their upcoming open-world tactical RPG Wartales. We get a chance to talk with the team about how things are shaping up ahead of the game's release into Steam Early Access.


The folks over at Shiro Games are no strangers to building compelling RPG experiences. They gained notoriety nearly a decade ago with the release of Evoland and later the Viking-inspired tactical sim Northgard. For their next big project, Shiro is building an expansive open world that will serve as the backdrop to medieval turn-based tactical action in the all-new Wartales. 

As the studio prepares to release the game into Steam Early Access, we got an opportunity to sit down with Adrian Briatta, Head of Marketing for Shiro Games. He goes over the general pitch for Wartales and answers our questions on the process behind the game’s development.

It has been a hundred years since the world saw the fall of the once-great Edoran Empire at the hands of an unprecedented plague that swept the nation. In the turmoil and uncertainty that has followed, mercenary work, banditry, and thievery across the land are abundant, as honor has long since become an almost entirely forgotten virtue.

Now, prepare to lead a group of unscrupulous characters who revel in such activity in a massive open world where combat, death, and a thirst for riches will shape and define your day-to-day life. You are not special, the chosen one or a once in a millennia hero ushering in a new era of peace. Your goal is solely to survive and thrive in this harsh and hostile world. Only the bravest and most ambitious can hope to see their story written in the Wartales! Interested parties can also check out a free demo for Wartales through Steam.

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