Tesla (TSLA) Annual Shareholder Meeting set for October with in-person voting option

The Tesla company will have its Annual Shareholder Meeting in early October 2021 with the curious option to attend in person.


As with many publicly traded companies, each year, Tesla hosts it TSLA Annual Shareholder Meeting in which major topics are discussed and shareholders and the Board vote on a number of ongoing topics within the company. This year will be no different. Tesla has set an official date for its Annual Shareholders Meeting in early October. Interestingly, it has included the option to for shareholders to attend the vote in person.

Tesla send out an email to shareholders and brokers on September 1, 2021, which was obtained by Shacknews. According to the email, Tesla’s Annual Shareholder Meeting is scheduled to take place on October 7, 2021. During this meeting, Shareholders will be able to opt into voting on various topics of interest in relation to ongoing company business. Perhaps more interesting is that the email seems to include an option to attend the meeting in-person. Many corporate events over the course of the past year have been cautious and either remote or limited in capacity in relation to the risks of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Nonetheless, Tesla seems to be offering the option to take part in voting in person during the upcoming meeting.

According to the Tesla Shareholder Meeting email, it's set to take place on October 7 and participants can opt into in-person or remote voting.
According to the Tesla Annual Shareholder Meeting email, it's set to take place on October 7 and participants can opt into in-person or remote voting.

Tesla isn’t really alone in this move. Earlier this year, GameStop also had its Annual Shareholders Meeting in person, allowing a limited presence as Board members such as Reggie Fils-Aime stepped down, former Chewy CEO and major shareholder Ryan Cohen took up Executive Chairman of the Board, and former CEO George Sherman’s successor Matt Furlong was announced. In fact, this particular meeting took place in Texas where COVID-19 has seen one of the worst resurgences in the country.

Tesla also recently strengthened its presence in Texas with Elon Musk having moved the company HQ to the state, put up money to build a SpaceX Starbase city, and subsidiary Tesla Energy Ventures having filed an application take part in the state’s electricity market.

It will remain to be seen if the shareholder meeting is also held in the state, but with the October date not far off, it’s something we’re likely to hear more on soon. Shareholders also seemingly have the option to opt out of in-person attendance. Stay tuned as we continue to follow Tesla business and the shareholder meeting for further information and updates.

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