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How to beat the Ring Time Trials - Maneater: Truth Quest

Learn some tips to help you complete the Ring Time Trials in Maneater: Truth Quest.


The Ring Time Trials are one of the more difficult challenges in Maneater: Truth Quest. These require players to swim through (and sometimes jump through), glowing rings throughout the level. One section in particular can cause a bit of problem, where a ring is up high on a bridge. For those that are struggling to nail this ring, we’ve got some tips to help you soar through the air with grace.

How to beat the Ring Time Trials - Maneater

One of the Ring Time Trials we had the most problems with had a ring high up in the air over a bridge. Our massive shark didn’t seem to have the speed or jump height needed to hit this final ring. The solution to the problem was to equip the Shadow Set.

The Shadow Set significantly improves your movement speed and agility. This allows you to not only gain enough speed below the water but to also launch yourself out of the water and jump over the bridge.

Another tip is to swim below the surface of the water. By swimming below the surface (about 5-10 feet), you can get the correct angle up to the bridge. Swim up as fast as you can and then jump out of the water. Use your double-jumps to propel yourself in the air and over the bridge.

Even with these tips, it might take you a few attempts to get through the final ring in this particular Time Trial. Just remember to have the Shadow Set equipped and to swim below the surface of the water. Be sure to check out the Shacknews Maneater page for plenty of news as well as other helpful guides for this action-packed game.

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