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Titan punches its way through a Legend Lost Sector in Destiny 2

A flaming hammer and a mean fist is the only thing this Destiny 2 player needs to get through tough end-game content.


Destiny 2 players are a creative bunch. Give them enough time and resources, and they’ll start dreaming up challenges for themselves. Esoterickk is one such player in the community that likes to challenge himself in new and creative ways, and his latest is to venture through one of Destiny 2’s toughest activities, solo, using only his character’s melee ability.

The video, which you can see above, shows Esoterickk taking to the Legend Lost Sector and blitzing through the entire thing in record time using only his melee ability. Sometimes the melee ability is a punch and other times it’s a hammer that can be thrown and picked back up. Thanks to some clever subclass, mod, and armor selections, Esoterickk is able to melt the enemies that can typically put a player in the ground in a matter of seconds.

The build for the Sunbreaker class hinges on the Season of the Lost’s Seasonal Artifact, the Synthoceps Exotic arm pieces, and the Code of the Devastator skill tree. The artifact has a mod called Withering Heat which weakens Champions whenever they take Solar ability damage, meanwhile, Synthoceps increases melee damage when you’re surrounded. The subclass has a few traits that power up the hammer: when the hammer is picked up it recharges the melee ability and triggers health regeneration (if it hits an enemy). Furthermore, any Solar ability kills increase those abilities’ damage. All of this works together to create what we see here: Esoterickk barely breaking a sweat as he powers through an otherwise challenging piece of Destiny 2 content.

While Season of the Splicer looked to focus on Grenade Launchers, Season of the Lost gives lovers of the Solar subclasses and Fusion Rifles something to enjoy. Players are currently melting through tough content and raid bosses like never before. No doubt we’ll see more wild plays as the community digs a little deeper into the season. Check out the Shacknews Destiny 2 Guide for our ongoing coverage of Bungie’s wildly popular title.

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