No More Heroes 3 is the end of the series for now, says Suda51

In case you didn't already know, No More Heroes 3 is the final chapter Suda51 has planned for the assassin antics of Travis Touchdown.


No More Heroes has been quite the trip of a franchise through the years. Series protagonist Travis Touchdown has killed his way through several top leagues of assassins and even managed to keep a few friends alive along the way. The latest major entry in the series, No More Heroes 3 is finally out, and it’s a bittersweet arrival. According to series director Goichi “Suda51” Suda, No More Heroes 3 is the official last game of the series (for now).

Suda51 shared this information with a statement on the No More Heroes Twitter on August 27, 2021. According to Suda51, this is it for Travis Touchdown, the final journey, and he even introduced that fact with his regular share of comical lightheartedness.

“This game is called No More Heroes 3 FINAL BOUT – All-out Galactic War!,” Suda claimed. “Or, it was going to going to be called that, but the subtitle was just too long, so we ended up taking a hint from the Rocky series and simply going with No More Heroes 3 instead.”

Suda goes on to explain exactly what he meant by that subtitle.

“As hinted at with the ‘Final’ thing, Travis Touchdown will finally be coming to the end of his final battle, and will be embarking on a much-deserved, long journey. Join him as he goes  absolutely buck wild in the Garden – no, Cosmos of Madness!”

Having played through No More Heroes 3, we can (without spoilers) say that there’s definitely reasons No More Heroes 3 is a firm bookend on the franchise for now, and a pretty alright one at that storywise if our Shacknews review has anything to say about it. That’s not to say the series couldn’t be revived through reboots or re-releases, but Suda51 has definitely taken this ride to wild places and No More Heroes 3 looks like a decent final destination.

With the franchise currently ending at No More Heroes 3, it will be interesting to see what Goichi Suda and Grasshopper Manufacture have planned next. When they have something to reveal, you can be sure we’ll share it here at Shacknews. In the meantime, No More Heroes 3 is now freshly available on the Nintendo Switch.

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