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WarioWare: Get It Together hands-on demo impressions - The more, the merrier

There's more WarioWare to go around in the upcoming Get It Together. We try out the recent demo.


The mile-a-minute action of WarioWare has been a consistent treat for many years. The frantic action has always been fun to jump into, giving players a chance to get lost in a series of microgames as the villainous Wario. The upcoming WarioWare: Get It Together is about to give Wario's friends a chance to join the fun and if the recent demo is any indication, it's looking like it'll be a different kind of blast.

The core premise of the WarioWare series remains intact in Get It Together. It's about playing through a bunch of microgames and doing so quickly. The framing device for the plot will see players attempt to blaze through as many as possible, one after another, without missing. Wario is ready to jump in with his trusty jetpack and signature shoulder tackle. For Get It Together, he won't be alone.

Get It Together will let players take control of the other members of the WarioWare supporting cast for the first time. Everyone has a different set of moves, but they also have a different way of moving. For example, Mona rides around in a scooter, Young Cricket can run and jump higher in the air, and 18-Volt doesn't move, but rather uses throwable discs to get around. That means the methods for completing each of the microgames will vary, depending on which character is being controlled. Getting through enough of the microgames will trigger a boss stage and, as one might imagine, the boss stages range in difficulty depending on which character is being used.

While Get It Together's premise is about Wario sharing the fun, the idea extends further with the addition of co-op multiplayer. Two players can take a Joy-Con controller and take on microgames simultaneously. This can make certain microgames easier, like pulling the armpit hair off a statue. Other microgames, ones that involve avoiding projectiles, can become more challenging, since players can sometimes get in each other's way.

There wasn't a lot to try out in the WarioWare demo, but the idea of 200 microgames sounds like a good time, whether going with friends or going solo. Competitive multiplayer will also be a part of the package, though we didn't get a chance to try that out at Shacknews.

The wait for WarioWare: Get It Together won't be much longer. The game is set to release on September 10 exclusively on Nintendo Switch. The demo is currently available through the Nintendo eShop.

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