How does aim assist work in Splitgate?

Here's what aim assist is and how it works in Splitgate.


Splitgate is one of the newest first-person shooters to capture the attention of audiences around the world. Currently in Beta, this online shooter has the presentation and style of a Halo game, with the reality-warping aspect of the Portal games. The game also features crossplay, which means PC and console players will go head to head in some instances. It’s these moments that have players on both sides curious about aim assist and how it’s applied in Splitgate.

How does aim assist work in Splitgate?

Aim assist is a mechanic in shooter games that makes it easier for players to target enemies. When an enemy player is close to a player’s crosshair, the crosshair will very lightly follow them, giving the player a bit of aid in hitting their target. It’s a common feature in most shooter games, and Splitgate is no different.

Aim assist is present in Splitgate, but it only applies to console players. Players on PC do not have access to aim assist in Splitgate. Aim assist is an extremely controversial topic among player bases of shooter games, and has become a point of contention for Splitgate players as well. It’s commonly understood that it’s easier to aim and be precise when using a mouse than it is when using the analog stick on a controller. Aim assist is meant to level the playing field between players on different platforms, but many see it as an unfair advantage or as more of a crutch or training wheels for lesser-skilled players.

If you’re on the anti-aim assist side of things and simply don’t want to play against players using it, you’ll need to disable crossplay. To disable crossplay in Splitgate, go to settings, then privacy, and uncheck the box that says “crossplay support.” For more on the inner workings of Splitgate, we’ve got you covered here on Shacknews.

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