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Sea of Thieves Making Mayhem Limited Event brings Borderlands-inspired gear

A new limited-time event for Sea of Thieves offers players the chance to score Borderlands cosmetics, including ship skin and more.


It’s no big secret that the Shacknews staff is full of nerds and nerds love crossover events between their favorite properties. Naturally, we are excited for the new Sea of Thieves and Borderlands crossover event that was just announced during Microsoft’s pre-Gamescom 2021 streaming event. The Making Mayhem limited-time event is coming to Sea of Thieves and will offer players the opportunity to earn a Borderlands-inspired ship livery and complete many new challenges.

The Making Mayhem limited-time event kicks off today and will run through September 7th, 2021. Players can begin the Making Mayhem event through Larinna at any in-game outpost. Minor Mayhem Challenges will task players with objectives like killing sharks with gunpowder barrels or killing skeletons with firebombs. Major Mayhem Challenges will ask players to do more involved tasks like running through a Tall Tale or looting all the gold piles in a treasure vault.

Successful completion of these challenges will earn you favor with the Bilge Rats, and reaching enough favor will get you all the parts of the Mayhem ship set. That set includes a red-and-yellow ship design, the Borderlands logo, and even a Claptrap carved into the front end of the ship. If you have a soft spot for Pandora and all things Borderlands, you’re gonna want to secure these parts as soon as possible.

Stay tuned to Shacknews for all the latest news of Sea of Thieves and all the breaking developments coming out of Gamescom 2021.

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