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NHL 22 release date and early access

Find out the release date for NHL 22, including for those that pre-order the X-Factor Edition.


Fans who pick up the latest NHL game each year expect to get their hockey in early September, but NHL 22 will be a bit behind this release schedule. Don’t worry, though, as NHL 22 will be in the hands of virtual hockey superstars around the same time the real NHL season begins. Here’s the release date for NHL 22:

NHL 22 release date

NHL 22 Release Date

NHL 22 is scheduled to release on October 15, 2021, for the PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S, and Xbox One. Players who pre-order the EA Sports NHL 22 X-Factor Edition will also be given three days of early access, making the game available on October 12, 2021.

Those who are worried about NHL 22 releasing in October instead of early September shouldn’t fret. NHL 22 will be available to those with early access the same day the regular season begins on October 12. If you don’t pre-order the X-Factor Edition, you can get your hands on NHL 22 on October 15, which is three days after the regular NHL season begins. 

Players who don’t want to pre-order for early access before trying the game should also be patient, as it is common for EA Vancouver to feature an NHL 22 beta. We have yet to hear about such an opportunity for NHL 22, but there is no reason to rush your pre-order. You could pre-order the NHL 22 X-Factor Edition on October 11 and still sneak into the early access window of October 12. While many of us buy NHL 22 each year because it’s become a part of our gaming identity, I always encourage people to try before they buy when it comes to video games.

The NHL 22 release date is officially October 15, with an early access release date of October 12 for those that pre-order the X-Factor Edition. You can follow along with all the NHL 22 news leading up to its launch right here on Shacknews, including our NHL 22 preview.


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