Bomb Rush Cyberfunk delayed to 2022 as Nintendo Switch timed exclusive

The very Jet Set Radio-inspired Bomb Rush Cyberfunk has been pushed out of a 2021 launch window and will now be coming next year as a Switch exclusive.


Ever since Team Reptile gave us our first look at its upcoming title, Bomb Rush Cyberfunk, our hearts have soared with delight at the prospect of a proper spiritual successor to Jet Set Radio. This game is absolutely brimming with personality and style clearly inspired by the Sega classic and we were looking forward to playing it sometime this year. Unfortunately, we’re going to be waiting a bit longer. Bomb Rush Cyberfunk was revealed as a timed exclusive on Nintendo Switch, but it was also given a 2022 launch window.

The update on Bomb Rush Cyberfunk’s release window was revealed when it kicked off the Nintendo Indie World presentation on August 11, 2021. We got a new gameplay trailer for the game which once again showed off the stylish cel-shaded skating and spray paint tagging we’ll be doing to some cool new musical beats. However, it was the end of the trailer that had the most important info. Not only is Bomb Rush Cyberfunk going to be pushed out of its originally announced 2021 release window for a 2022 launch, but it will be a Nintendo Switch timed console exclusive.

On one hand, it’s interesting that Bomb Rush Cyberfunk will be an exclusive indie among the Nintendo Switch library for a limited time. On the other hand, it’s kind of a bummer that it means we won’t see the game on PlayStation for sometime, but console exclusive means we'll still likely see it on Steam via PC on the same day. Regardless, Team Reptile has been selling us on the idea that they have the right approach to a Jet Set Radio follow-up. The game looks like it features an eclectic array of unlockable characters featuring their own styles and movesets as you skate and grind through a colorful city, tagging walls and outrunning the police at every turn.

With the 2022 window set, stay tuned for more details and updates. We’ll be on the lookout for both a Nintendo Switch exclusive release date and news on an expanded release afterwards.

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