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As Prophesied quest - Destiny 2

The epilogue to Season of the Splicer is here in Destiny 2 in the form of a quest, As Prophesied.


Season of the Splicer has received its epilogue, at least what appears to be the end, in the form of a new quest called “As Prophesied” in Destiny 2. Though short, this quest will have players fighting once more to defend the Last City of humanity from the threat of the Vex.

As Prophesied quest

The As Prophesied quest is relatively short, capping off the Season of the Splicer with one last Override event, this time inside the Last City. Completion of this mission will unlock the Triumph, We Are Enough. To begin the quest, go and speak with the Splicer Servitor in the H.E.L.M.

Step 1: Speak with the Splicer Servitor

destiny 2 as prophesied
Speak with the Splicer Servitor to receive the warning message.

Talking with the Splicer Servitor will reveal a warning message.

Step 2: Listen to Lakshmi-2’s broadcast

destiny 2 as prophesied lakshmi-2
Listen to Lakshmi-2's message.

While still in the H.E.L.M., listen to Lakshmi-2’s broadcast. This is found right beside the Splicer Servitor.

Step 3: Complete Override, Last City

destiny 2 override last city
Defend the Eliksni Quarter from the Vex incursion.

After listening to the message, you will need to complete a new Override. This is launched from the same place Override is launched: the H.E.L.M. map. The activity will take place in the Eliksni Quarters. Complete this activity as you have done so all season: defeat enemies, collect motes, destroy the red Vex blocks and fight through the network to defeat the boss.

When the Override mission is complete, you will be able to go to orbit, at which point you will see a cutscene showcasing Saint-14 and Mithrax cooperating once more. Watch the cinematic and then go and speak with Saint-14.

Step 4: Speak with Saint-14

destiny 2 as prophesied saint-14
Chat with Saint-14 about what happened.

Saint-14 will want to talk to you in the Tower about what took place in the Eliksni Quarters. Go and speak to him where he always is, in the Hangar of the Tower.

Step 5: Talk with Ikora Rey

destiny 2 season of the splicer epilogue as prophesied
Debrief with Ikora Rey and discuss plans.

Finally, you will need to go and talk to Ikora Rey about what happened. With this final step complete, Season of the Splicer’s storyline will come to an end and you will unlock the Triumph, We Are Enough.

The final quest for Season of the Splicer, As Prophesied, is a short epilogue that manages to tie off the events of the season. Whether more cutscenes and cinematics await players remains to be seen! Be sure to check out the Shacknews Destiny 2 Guide for more coverage of this season and the next.

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