What are Fair-Play Points in Pokemon Unite?

Learn all about Fair-Play Points in Pokemon Unite, such as what they do and how to get more.


Spend any amount of time with Pokemon Unite and you’ll eventually encounter Fair-Play Points. This is one of the many systems in the game that offers rewards. However, some players may wonder what Fair-Play Points are, what they’re used for, and how to get more. So let’s clear up a few things about Fair-Play Points.

What are Fair-Play Points?

pokemon unite fair-play points
You can earn Fair-Play Points by playing the game. If you go idle for longer than a few minutes, you will lose points, even if you come back to play.

Fair-Play Points are Pokemon Unite’s way of tracking a player’s conduct – whether they’re a nice player or one you would want to avoid. What a player does during a match will directly impact the number of Fair-Play Points they have. The more points, the better the player. Here’s how Pokemon Unite summarizes the levels of Fair-Play Points:

  • 100-90: Earn daily rewards at this level
  • 89-80: You no longer receive daily rewards
  • 79-60: You cannot play Ranked matches
  • 59-0: You cannot play random Standard matches

This means, once you have 90 or more Fair-Play Points, you will receive daily rewards. These rewards can be things like Aeos coins, which is a great way to unlock new Pokemon.

However, if you lose Fair-Play Points, you may no longer receive rewards and at worse be banned from participating in battles with other players. If your Fair-Play Points reach 59, you will no longer be able to play random matches against strangers – you will be limited to playing with friends or against CPU opponents.

How to get more Fair-Play Points

pokemon unite get fair-play points
To get Fair-Play Points, all you need to do is play the game. It doesn't matter if you win or lose.

Fair-Play Points are awarded for simply playing the game. While only a few points are awarded per match, this is a great way to ensure your number stays nice and high. Here’s how you can earn Fair-Play Points:

  • +2 points for a Ranked match
  • +2 points for a Standard match
  • +1 point for a Standard CPU match

You can only earn 5 Fair-Play Points a day. So remember to log on and play nicely if you’ve lost Fair-Play Points. Speaking of which…

How you lose Fair-Play Points

pokemon unite lose fair-play points
If you idle for too long, or quit a match, you will lose Fair-Play Points.

If you’ve noticed that your Fair-Play Points have decreased and are wondering why, there is probably a good reason. There are only a few ways you can lose Fair-Play Points:

  • -8 points for idling in a battle with malicious intent
  • -5 points for idling in a battle for a long period of time
  • -2 points for idling in a battle for a short period of time
  • -1 point for abandoning a matchmade team

All of these reasons are pretty reasonable for losing Fair-Play Points. If you walk away from your console after joining a random standard game, you are running the risk of inconveniencing your team and losing points. To avoid this, only start a game if you are ready to commit to the 10 minute time limit. Remember, if your team is getting badly beaten, you can always try to surrender the match.

How to check Fair-Play Points

You can find your Fair-Play Points score in your Trainer Info. To find this, go to the main menu and press the L button. Then, go down to Fair-Play Points. You will see your current standing and will even be able to claim any rewards if you’re points are at 90 or above.

The Pokemon Support page has a helpful rundown of the Fair-Play Point system. However, this about covers everything you need to know about Pokemon Unite’s Fair-Play Point system. Remember, you lose points if you stop playing in the middle of a match, so don’t go idle and don’t quit! Thankfully, it’s easy to get more points if you’ve accidentally lost a few. Read over the Shacknews Pokemon Unite page for more guides and the latest news.

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