Which Pokemon to unlock first - Pokemon Unite

The start of Pokemon Unite lets players pick their first Pokemon to unlock – but working out which to pick is quite the pickle.


After completing Pokemon Unite’s introduction, players will get to pick their first Pokemon. The rite of picking your Pokemon is an important step in becoming the very best, so working out which one to pick is going to cause some players a lot of stress. The good news is that you will eventually unlock them all, but let’s take a look at which one you should pick depending on your playstyle.

Which Pokemon to unlock first

There are five Pokemon to choose from after you complete the introduction to Pokemon Unite. There is Eldegoss, Snorlax, Pikachu, Charizard, and Talonflame. These five are either a Melee or Ranged character, meaning they must get up close to the opponent to land a basic attack or attack from a distance. The Pokemon are also divided into five distinct archetypes.

  • Supporter – Heal your teammates and keep them alive to ensure victory.
  • Defenders – High Endurance, great at tanking damage and protecting weaker Pokemon.
  • Attackers – Lower Endurance, but have great Offense, making them excellent at defeating other Pokemon.
  • Speedster – Agile and fast Pokemon used for closing gaps and chasing fleeing opponents.
  • All-Rounder – A balance of Endurance and Offense, doesn’t excel in one specific area.

Eldegoss – Ranged Supporter

pokemon unite which pokemon to pick first

Eldegoss is a Supporter Pokemon, meaning it is most useful for those that want to assist their teammates through heals and abilities that reduce the effectiveness of opponents. This is ideal if you really want to focus on assisting and don’t really mind taking a backseat as you help your teammates.

Snorlax – Melee Defender

As a Defender, Snorlax features high Endurance. Because it has so much health, you’ll want to use Snorlax as a kind of ramming device to get in there and cause a lot of disruption. This is ideal if you want to be supportive but also want to get in on the action.

Pikachu – Ranged Attacker

Pikachu is an Attacker, meaning its entire purpose is to shut down and defeat other Pokemon. An Attacker tends to pair well with a Supporter, so if you do go with Pikachu, try to find someone who is playing a Supporter. Their heals will keep you in the fight for longer. This is likely a good choice if you’re familiar with the ADC archetype from League of Legends.

Charizard – Melee All-Rounder

Charizard is an All-Rounder, which as the name suggests, is perfect for the player that isn’t quite sure which way they’re leaning. You won’t have as much health as Snorlax or as much attack power as Pikachu, but you’ll have a bit of the best from both worlds. This is the safest pick while you learn the game, especially if you’re new to the MOBA genre.

Talonflame – Melee Speedster

Finally, there is Talonflame, the Speedster class. Due to the high movement speed, Talonflame is a great choice for the player that wants to be a bit more mobile, assisting where they are needed. It could be worth picking Talonflame if you’re familiar with the role of Jungling from games like League of Legends.

Personally speaking, I went with Eldegoss, as every team always needs a Support character. By picking this, I was ensuring that my team was always going to have someone to heal them – and chances are other players will always rush to pick an Attacker.

Now, as I’m working towards unlocking more Pokemon, I’m eyeing off the Speedster class, as Jungling is a unique experience that most casual players will overlook.

For you though, the Pokemon you pick to play first is going to be entirely dependent on your playstyle and whether or not you’re familiar with the MOBA genre. The safest option will be Charizard, but because you can unlock new Pokemon, why not try something a bit different? Hopefully you’ve got an idea of which Pokemon to unlock first in Pokemon Unite. While you mull it over, take a look at the Shacknews Pokemon Unite page for more articles to help you on your way.

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