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Does Pokemon Unite have crossplay?

Pokemon Unite is on multiple platforms and players want to know if it features crossplay so they can play with their friends, no matter where they play.


Pokemon Unite is on Nintendo Switch with a planned release for mobile devices later on, which begs the question: what about crossplay? It seems like crossplay is everywhere these days, so wondering whether it will be available for Pokemon Unite across Switch and mobile makes sense. So let’s see what the developers have to say about the matter.

Does Pokemon Unite have cross-platform play?

According to the official site, Pokemon Unite will feature crossplay between Nintendo Switch and mobile devices at some point. The post specifically states that cross-platform play is “planned”, which seems to indicate that it will be occurring either when Pokemon Unite releases on mobile or after it is out.

pokemon unite crossplay
Pokemon Unite will feature crossplay between Nintendo Switch and mobile devices.

Crossplay for Pokemon Unite will allow players on Nintendo Switch to play in the same matches as those on mobile devices, be it iOS or Android. Because it is a controller-based MOBA, the skill differential shouldn’t be that large between the two platforms. However, mobile players might consider using a controller if the touchscreen systems aren’t to their liking.

The good news about crossplay doesn’t end there. The same post makes mention of cross-save. Players will be able to play on the Nintendo Switch and then transition to mobile while retaining their progress. The post states, “If you log in using your Nintendo Account or Pokémon Trainer Club account, you’ll be able to use your game data on any device.” This should ensure a seamless experience between the platforms.

With crossplay coming to Pokemon Unite, the game is in a great position to appeal to a broad range of fans looking to get in on a MOBA game. Players across Nintendo Switch and mobile (iOS and Android) will be able to Battle it out together to see which team is the very best. If you need help being the very best, stop by the Shacknews Pokemon Unite page for other tips and the latest news.

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