New Blood Interactive wants to expand beyond the game genres they're known for

New Blood Interactive lead Dave Oshry says the studio has explored many of the corners they wanted to in retro FPS and will likely move beyond that.


When it comes to retro-styled first-person shooters in the modern era, it’s hard to argue that anyone has as good of a handle on it as New Blood Interactive. The studio has been cranking out fast-paced gore-filled bullet fests like Dusk for some time now and each step up to bat at another New Blood game generally looks and feels fantastic and nostalgic at the same time. That’s not to say New Blood has any intention of being a one-trick pony, though. When recently speaking with New Blood Interactive boss Dave Oshry, he shared that the team would like to expand past its retro FPS roots and make some marks in other genres as well.

Oshry spoke to us about games like Dusk and Ultrakill, other New Blood Interactive projects, and the future of the studio during Shacknews E5 and the Summer of Doing Our Jobs. Though Oshry is more than happy with the work the team has done in the retro FPS genre, he shared that New Blood feels like they “kind of exhausted” the retro shooter revival, and it’s about time to expand past it.

“We want to kind of expand, so now we’re doing things like more immersive sims like Gloomwood and Fallen Aces,” Oshry explained. “You know, all of our developers really got some horror chops, so we want to get more into horror games like Faith, and then we like doing our writing, so [we’d like to do] some more visual novels and story-based games.”

Other interests for Oshry and the team include isometric RPGs in the vein of Fallout and car combat games like Twisted Metal. The team has eclectic enough talents to dip their toes into much of these suggestions, so it will be interesting to see if anything comes of it in the near future.

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