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Splitgate extends open beta after 600K downloads in one week

The former Arena Warfare looks to have found an audience quickly, leading to Splitgate extending its open beta.


It isn't entirely certain how many players 1047 Games expected to get for the open beta of their "Halo meets Portal" shooter Splitgate. However, the developer seems to be taken aback by just how many people tried to get a taste of the action. After more than 600,000 downloads in just six days, developer 1047 Games has opted to extend Splitgate's open beta period, which should now run until the game's official launch.

Splitgate's 600,000 downloads are across PC, PlayStation, and Xbox platforms with the open beta peaking at 40,000 concurrent players. The open beta appears to have struck a particular chord with PlayStation owners, as the game is currently sitting on the PlayStation Store's "Best Selling" chart. There isn't much time to go before the game's official launch, as 1.0 was scheduled for next Tuesday, July 27. The extended open beta period looks to run all the way until launch, as the smaller scale team at 1047 will look to keep up with server demand and snuff out any final glitches before the 1.0 version is deployed.

Formerly known as Splitgate: Arena Warfare, 1047 has been gradually building this game for years, showing it off at major events like TwitchCon and the annual Game Developers Conference. After keeping its head below media waters for more than a year, 1047 returned with Splitgate back at June's IGN Expo, announcing that the game would release on July 27 with cross-platform support. Audiences appear to have graviated towards it immediately, enjoying the blend of Portal-style traversal with Halo-style gunplay.

Splitgate will launch as a free-to-play game on PC, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. This is increasingly looking like it could be an under-the-radar hit, so we'll keep an eye on it here at Shacknews. To learn more, you can also check out the Splitgate website.

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