Second ever Creator Day to give 100% revenue share to creators this Friday

With the upcoming Creator Day on the way, app creators won't have to share a cent of the revenue from sales of their apps on the platform.

1 is no stranger to good causes that aid both developers and communities across the world. The rules may be looser there, but the organizers of generally use the platform to do good things. Such is the case with Creator Day, which was introduced in 2020. In a world where the revenue share between developer and platform is an often hot-button issue, Creator Day on is a day in which those developers can enjoy all of the fruits of their labors, getting 100 percent of the revenue for any purchases of their apps or games made during the day. To keep the love going, is running the second Creator Day at the end of this week. announced the second annual Creator Day via its Twitter and a website event page on July 19, 2021. Coming up on Friday, July 23, 2021, Creator Day will take place. What this means is that any purchases made (after taxes and processing are taken out) will put 100 percent of the revenue in the developer’s pocket. won’t take a dime of it. has been pretty active in the topic of revenue share and split between developers and the platform. Traditionally,’s take of any sales has been set at 10 percent, according to Gamasutra, so it didn’t take much in comparison to Valve’s 20 to 25 percent take or even Epic Games Store’s 12 percent take. This also doesn’t include charities that the platform has often carried out in tumultuous times, such as last year’s Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality and this year’s Palestinian Aid Bundle.

Creator Day is just another way continues to use its platform for good causes. If there’s a creator you want to support or whose game you have been waiting to play, maybe consider that purchase this coming Friday when they’ll get the most out of your support on

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