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How to enable cross-save - Genshin Impact

Link your PC, mobile, or PlayStation accounts together, with a valid email, so you can enable cross-save for Genshin Impact.


Cross-save has arrived in Genshin Impact, allowing players to seamlessly continue their progress across multiple devices. PlayStation players that link an account and enable cross-save will be able to pick up where they left off on a mobile device or on PC, and vice versa. Setting up cross-save for Genshin Impact is a bit complicated, so let’s dive into the nitty-gritty.

How to link accounts to enable cross-save

The official Genshin Impact site has a thorough write-up of what goes in to enabling cross-save for PlayStation, mobile, and PC. You can read the full breakdown here, but we’ll highlight the critical information below.

genshin impact cross save
Enabling cross-save for Genshin Impact is a bit of an involved process.

Firstly, players must link their PSN account to an email address – it’s important the PSN account meets specific linking criteria. The PSN account must not have been used to log in to Genshin Impact OR the email address must not have been registered for a miHoYo account. In essence, one of the two elements (PSN account or email) must not have any connection to Genshin Impact. The support site lists it as such:

  1. If the account for PSN has not been used to log into Genshin Impact, an email address that has been used to register a miHoYo Account can be linked to the account for PSN.
  2. If the email address has not been used to register a miHoYo Account, an account for PSN that has been used to log into Genshin Impact can be linked to this email address. At the same time, this email address will be used to register a miHoYo Account.

Because there are two different situations where accounts can be linked, there are two different linking methods, both are outlined in the support document.

Link PC/mobile account to unused PSN account

If you play on PC or mobile and want to link your email (which is associated with your miHoYo account) to your PSN account (which has never played Genshin Impact), here is the process:

On your PlayStation, using your account for PSN that has never previously logged in to Genshin Impact, open the game for the first time. Follow the steps in the pop-up window to link your email address that is associated with your miHoYo Account. This will link both accounts.

Link PSN account to unused email

For those that play on PlayStation and want to link their PSN account to an email address (which is has never been used for Genshin Impact), here are the steps:

Log in to Genshin Impact on your PlayStation, then go to Settings > Account > User Center > Link Account and link your account for PSN that is logged in to Genshin Impact to an email address that is not associated with a miHoYo Account. After linking, your game progress will be shared when you log into your account to play on the same server on iOS/Android/PC/PlayStation.

Once the two are linked, you will still need to use the platform’s primary means of logging in. For instance, when playing on PlayStation you must use your PSN account but playing on PC/mobile you must use the linked email address that is associated with your miHoYo account. However, at this point cross-save for Genshin Impact will be enabled. Be sure to read over the support page for more information, as it answers a host of other questions. You can also check out the Shacknews Genshin Impact page for the latest news and some helpful guides.

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