Killing Floor 2 devs talk about the possibility of turning seasonal themes on & off

Killing Floor 2's seasonal events are chockfull of themed zeds that take on the flavors of various parts of the year, but what if you could toggle them?


The Killing Floor 2 team at Tripwire Interactive sure does love seasonal events. Halloween, summertime, and even Christmas often brings us a host of different types of zeds to slay as we play around with whatever new fun Killing Floor 2 has for us at these times of year. That said, when the events start or end, you don’t have much say in whether you want to take part in some seasonal fun or just play it out like normal. It’s not that Tripwire doesn’t occasionally get the request though.

During Shacknews E5 and the Summer of Doing Our Jobs, we spoke with David Amata about a bunch of Killing Floor 2 topics, including the recently released Interstellar Insanity update and event. Given that Killing Floor 2 is a game prone to events and themes that go along with them, such as the aforementioned Halloween and Christmas themes and Interstellar Insanity’s circus theme, we asked Amata if it ever came up whether or not they’d explored options to turn the themes on and off on a given seasonal event.

As mentioned above, Amata tells us it has come up within the community, but it’s definitely something the team would have to figure out to compartmentalize into an option or several. Some themes are also permanently attached to certain maps like the Christmas themes. For Amata and Tripwire, it really depends on how bad the community would want something like that. Tripwire is one to listen to their fans and the things they ask for, so if it became something that was in demand from the player community, they would probably figure out how to implement a toggle on seasonal themes. You can catch the whole Shacknews E5 Killing Floor 2 Interstellar Insanity interview below.

Interstellar Insanity is out for Killing Floor 2 on all available platforms now. Want more Shacknews E5? Be sure to check out all of our coverage over at the Shacknews and GamerHubTV YouTube channels and checkout all of our latest interviews, gameplay, features, unboxings, and more.

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