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How to get the Throne of Atheon emote - Destiny 2

The Throne of Atheon emote in Destiny 2 lets players sit on their own Glass Throne from the Vault of Glass.


The Throne of Atheon emote is a new addition to Destiny 2 and it has got players wondering how to get it. Most would assume it’s a reward from the Vault of Glass, but that’s not the case. If you want to chill out on a Glass Throne as Atheon might, you’re going to need to crack open that wallet.

How to get the Throne of Atheon emote

To get the Throne of Atheon emote in Destiny 2, you must purchase it as a bundle through your preferred platform’s store. That means PC players will need to get the bundle from Steam, Xbox through the Xbox Store, and PlayStation users must buy it from the PS Store.

throne of atheon emote destiny 2

The bundle includes 1,100 Silver as well as the Throne of Atheon emote. This means you’ll have some premium currency to use in-game should other ornaments take your fancy. Unfortunately, what this means is you must use your real-world and hard-earned money to buy an emote that looks like it should be earnable in-game.

For those hoping it would be an unlock from completing the Vault of Glass raid, doing the raid’s Triumphs, or perhaps participating in the Master version, it’s no doubt a bit of disappointing news. However, for $14.99 USD you can walk away with a pretty neat emote and some spare Silver to spend on something else.

Whether or not you get the Throne of Atheon emote is entirely up to you. Because it is available as a purchase through the store, there’s not much chance it will be unlocked in-game via a reward or Bright Dust. Be sure to stop by the Shacknews Destiny 2 Guide for more pieces and directions on how to unlock other goodies in-game.

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