Who is Savathun in Destiny 2?

Savathun, the Witch Queen, is a powerful entity in the Destiny universe. Here's a brief look at who she is and how she came to be.


The name Savathun is coming up a lot in Destiny 2. For those that have entered the series only recently, the name might not mean much or for those that have been around for a while, it could be time for a refresher. So let’s take a look at some of the resources that are out there so we can learn more about who Savathun is in the Destiny universe.

Who is Savathun?

As for who is Savathun, to put it simply: Savathun, the Witch Queen, is a Hive god and sister to Oryx, the Taken King and Xivu Arath, God of War. These three beings are what started the Hive as we know it today. Before her transformation, Savathun was known as Sathona.

Due to the pact she made with the Worms of Fundament, Savathun must continue to plot and scheme, and use her cunning to trick and beguile her foes. Through this, she becomes more powerful. It was revealed in a Bungie ViDoc that Savathun has been placing dominos and that the next major expansion will see these dominos fall. The following video by My name is Byf does a tremendous job at outlining the nature of Savathun.

For additional viewing, it could be worth taking a look at one of Byf’s previous videos on the matter, though, this one is circa 2017. The reason this matters is that as of Season of the Splicer, Savathun’s effect has become more apparent, with players learning of Quria, the Dreaming Mind, and even seeing Savathun’s song spread to other characters.

For those that have some time to read, take a moment to read through the Books of Sorrow. These were originally unlocked in Destiny as Grimoire cards during The Taken King. The entries detail the Books of Sorrow and shed more light on Savathun. There’s also the Destinypedia write-up on Savathun that goes into significant detail of the facts and what we know.

There is a lot to learn about Savathun in Destiny 2. As players approach the release of the Witch Queen, anticipate more information to come to light. However, due to her cunning nature, not everything we know about Savathun will be factual. Be sure to keep it locked to Shacknews for more insights and guidance. There’s also our Destiny 2 Complete Strategy Guide to help you through many of the game’s activities.

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