Pokemon GO celebrates Bidoof Day this Thursday

This is a Bidoof thread now.


What's not to love about that fur, those eyes, those ears, and those buck teeth? It's hard not to love Bidoof. In a vast line of adorable Pokemon, Bidoof is high on the cutest list. Bidoof is so magnificent that Niantic and The Pokemon Company are giving it its own day.

Bidoof Day will run in Pokemon GO this Thursday, July 1 from 10 a.m. through 8 p.m. local time. Bidoof will appear in the wild at a much higher rate than normal. On top of that, Raids will be exclusively for Bidoof, whether they be one, three, or five stars. Shiny Bidoofs will also show up throughout this period, for all those Shiny collectors out there. Be aware that Bidoofs caught during this day will not be ordinary ones. Bidoofs caught on Thursday will all know the Superpower move. Those who don't care for Superpower can use a Charged TM item before the end of the event to teach their Bidoof Ice Beam, Shadow Ball, or Thunderbolt. If you forget to change your Bidoof's move during this event window, an Elite Charged TM item can change its move to Ice Beam, Shadow Ball, Superpower, or Thunderbolt at any time.

Looking to see which Bidoof rules above all others? The Bidoof Cup will run throughout Thursday. Only Bidoof will be eligible to compete in the GO Battle League. Use your old Bidoof, any new Bidoof caught during this day, or even any of the Shadow Bidoof liberated from Team GO Rocket.

The last thing to note is that a Special Research story will run throughout Bidoof Day and it will be the first one to allow for user choice. A player's choices will determine where their Special Research goes and affect the outcome of the Special Research's narrative. It should be interesting to see how this idea is implemented and how it will shape future Special Research events.

To learn more about Bidoof Day, check out the Pokemon GO website. If you want a preview of what to expect, don't forget that the Bidoof Breakout event is already happening right now. Be sure to stock up before July's Pokemon GO Fest.

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