ShackStream: The Great Quakeholio Tournament 4

Our annual Quake tournament is about to go down! Are you ready for the madness that is the Great Quakeholio Tournament 4?


This is it! Today is a day that will live on in infamy in the annals of Shacknews history, for today we have several Shackers throwing down in the Great Quakeholio Tournament 4. We’ve got a $10K USD prize pool on the line and a hearty amount of competitors ready to fight their way to the top. There will be only one winner today, but the real winners are you, the audience, because you’re about to see some real-deal Quake battles go down.

The whole thing starts today at 11a.m. PDT/2p.m. EDT. We’ll be working our way through Free-For-All matches until we’ve dwindled down to the nitty gritty, at which point we’ll be seeing some serious 1v1 action. You can catch the whole thing live over on the Shacknews Twitch channel. Or you can just chill here and catch the whole thing on the embedded player below.

We appreciate all the continued support for everything we do here at Shacknews, If you like what you see us doing over on our Twitch channel perhaps consider supporting us even further with a follow or a sub. You can always use that fancy free Prime sub you get each month from Amazon to help support us as well. Regardless, we hope you enjoy today’s tournament and we wish all of today’s participants the best of luck in the Great Quakeholio Tournament 4!

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