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ShackStream: skankcore64 Episode 69 - Nice

Let's pick it up with more skankcore64 and the journey through every Nintendo 64 game released in North America.


What's up on this fine Wednesday, my good Shackers? Over on Shacknews Twitch, we have the retro revolution that swings around every hump day with a twofer of Stevetendo and skankcore64. It's a hot one out there but you can stay indoors and cool off by watching the best in classic console gaming. The Nintendo 64 catalog conquest continues at 9 p.m. PT / 12 a.m. ET!

Episode 69 - Nice

We did it, everybody. Official meme territory has been breached. The quest to complete them all for the N64 is now on its 69th episode and that can only mean one thing. Nice.

Last time on skankcore64, I decided to check out Killer Instinct Gold and made short work of the Rare fighter, completing two full playthroughs. After pathetically rolling credits on Very Easy, I took it up one notch and made my way through again, testing different characters and having a generally great time. That all turned south very quickly by moving on to Mace: The Dark Age for my next conquest, as our News Editor, TJ Denzer, would prefer.

It turns out this game is not nearly as good as the supposed worst Killer Instinct. Not only is it terrible, but it's brutally difficult and features limited continues. Tune in to see if I can't get this Mace out of my face and help me pick the next game for skankcore64 with the embedded viewer above or at Shacknews Twitch proper!

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From the test launch of the NES in New York to 4K gaming in his living room, Bryan Lefler has been immersed in video games his entire life. Battle tested in the arena shooters of the turn of the century yet kind to all animals that may cross him, Bryan enjoys a breadth of games but strives to be the best in any contest of digital skill. He is a former esports competitor and has been part of the Shacknews community for over 15 years. You can also catch him on skankcore64 streams on the Shacknews Twitch channel where he plays through the N64 library and follow him on Twitter @skankcore.

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