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Rocket League Summer Road Trip brings back classic crossover content

Rocket League revisits some of its classic events with July's Summer Road Trip.


With the COVID-19 pandemic starting to subside here in the United States, moviegoers are looking forward to summer blockbuster season. The next few months are looking like the time to go back to the movies and even Rocket League is paying tribute with a summer-long event called the Summer Road Trip.

Rocket League's Summer Road Trip brings back several popular content drops from the past. This includes a handful of drops from previous TV and movie crossover events. The whole thing will start with the weeklong return of the Ford F-150 from July 1-7, which includes double XP from July 1-5. The Knight Rider content returns from July 8-14, while Back to the Future's DeLorean time travels in from July 15-21. The event wraps up with life finding a way, as the Jurassic World Jeep Wrangler drives by from July 22-28.

In the middle of this fun, Rocket League will celebrate its sixth anniversary. The Summer Formal Bundle will grace the Item Shop for just 24 hours on July 7. It will include the Octane Fancy Formal Decal, the Formal Fitter Topper, the Formal Four-Fours Wheels, and the Fancy Ferrule Antenna. Pricing details are not available, though the antenna can be picked up for free.

The Summer Road Trip announcement comes as Rocket League brings back its classic Fast & Furious content. Those vehicles are available for a limited time.

For specifics on each individual Summer Road Trip bundle, be sure to check out the Rocket League website. The Summer Road Trip rolls through all of July. Keep it here on Shacknews for the latest Rocket League news and updates.

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