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Sonic Prime Netflix series concept art leaks reveal what the show may look like

Recently removed art from the portfolio of an artist working on the Sonic Prime Netflix series offers some idea of what we may be in for.


With Netflix and SEGA having confirmed that they are collaborating on a Sonic the Hedgehog animated series, there’s an intense desire by fans to see what we might be getting out of this new show. Sonic Prime is set to come out sometime in 2022 and details are scarce outside of the name, but a recent small leak may have given us the slightest look at what Netflix has in store for the blue blur when Sonic runs over to the Netflix platform next year.

The images in question were spotted pretty recently over on the ArtStation portfolio of Patrick Horan, an artist working on the Sonic Prime Netflix series. They were quickly removed, but nothing ever really stays gone once it’s on the internet. The images were shared elsewhere on other outlets, such as the Tails Channel Twitter. Being still images (and concept art), they may be very different from what the final product turns out to be, but there is still a lot to glean from their contents.

If the concept art is any indication, it looks like ideas floating around for the Sonic Prime series are that Sonic and Tails might be unfamiliar with each other at the start of this one - an origin story on their friendship perhaps. Dr. Eggman is also there and seems to be doing his usual villainous thing, but it’s notable that there seems to be multiple Eggman-like fellows with him, looking a lot like family… or maybe Eggman just likes his henchmen to look similar to him. Either way, it suggests he might not be working alone this time. Of course, Sonic’s cocky attitude remains intact and, much like the Sonic movie, they still have him doing Fortnite dances in the concept art, for better or worse.

Sonic Prime was confirmed by SEGA and Netflix for release sometime in 2022 so things could change quite a bit between what we have here in concepts and what the final product looks like. Nonetheless, if the show has the spirit we see here in Horan’s work, it looks like Sonic fans are in for a fun time when Sonic Prime launches next year.

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