Behaviour Interactive toyed with giving Nemesis a rocket launcher in Dead by Daylight

When designing Nemesis for Dead by Daylight's Resident Evil chapter, his killing Mori was originally going to be more explosive.


One of the more interesting aspects of Dead by Daylight is licensed characters. When putting together a survivor or killer in Dead by Daylight that comes from another IP, there is so much that Behaviour Interactive has to decide in packing into the character or leaving on the cutting room floor. Such is still certainly the case with the Resident Evil characters in the recently launched chapter DLC of Dead by Daylight. Nemesis brings quite a few interesting facets to the game already, but Behaviour once considered including the monster’s rocket launcher as well.

This interesting tidbit of information was revealed during our Shacknews E5 interview with Dead by Daylight Director Mathieu Côté. During our lengthy deep dive into conversation about the Resident Evil chapter, it came up whether weapons were ever considered for implementation into Nemesis as a killer in Dead by Daylight. Famous for using rocket launchers, gatling guns, and even flamethrowers, Côté did indeed reveal that at one point, a rocket launcher was considered for a specific part of Nemesis’s playstyle.

At one point, apparently Nemesis would have utilized a rocket launcher during its Mori in which killers in Dead by Daylight outright murder a survivor in a signature way.

“We had some conversations about potentially having a rocket launcher,” Côté revealed. “Specifically we talked about that regarding the Mori… but it was sort of out of scope and a little ridiculous. We try very hard not to do silly, because silly sort of goes against horror. It’s not a hard pass rule, but we try to stray away from that. I think that the Mori we have right now is violent and hostile and really, really intimidating.”

It might be a bummer for those looking to blow their victims to bits and pieces with Nemesis, but the character still has a lot of great signature elements to them with A.I. zombies on the map and the hand tentacle that can infect survivors with the T-Virus.

With the Resident Evil chapter having come to Dead by Daylight on June 15, 2021, you can see for yourself what Nemesis and other Resident Evil characters can do. Stay tuned for the latest on Dead by Daylight and further updates right here at Shacknews.

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