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Konami launches new Silent Hill merch line while we patiently wait for a game

Teasing Silent Hill fans once again, Konami has released a new merch line with a limited edition skateboard for the dormant franchise.


There are a lot of mixed feelings over the last time Konami had a new Silent Hill game in development, but there are quite a few among us that would happily accept a new game if it were to happen. Konami seems to know it too. The Silent Hill publisher came out with some fresh news for the franchise today… about a merch line. There’s a bunch of new Silent Hill merch on the way directly from Konami, including a limited edition skateboard deck.

Konami announced this new Silent Hill line of merchandise via the Official Konami Shop Twitter on June 20, 2021. Starting on June 23, 2021 in celebration of the launch of the new line, fans will be able to pre-order a new limited edition Silent Hill skateboard coming to the Konami Online Shop, featuring the iconic nurse monster and Silent Hill’s Brookhaven Hospital. There will be two color variants with both a normal-colored “Standard Edition” and seemingly neon-themed “Nightmare Edition” version. There will only be 120 and 25 units of each version respectively, but it marks the beginning of regular Silent Hill merchandise on Konami’s shop.

While we’d love to say this means something for the often-whispered possibilities of a new Silent Hill game we’ve heard over the course of quite a long time already, we’d caution too much optimism. Even putting aside the fact that Konami opted out of E3 2021 altogether, the Konami Online Shop has plenty of dormant franchise merchandise in it, including Suikoden. It would be nice to think this signals further weight into the rumors we’ve heard about Team Silent getting back together for a remake/reboot. However, we’d be foolish not to point out that being in the Konami Online Shop doesn’t mean the publisher is making a new game in a franchise, no matter how beloved.

Nonetheless, support doesn’t exactly heart the cause and the new Silent Hill skateboard decks do look rather good. If you’re looking to get your hands on one, be sure to keep your eyes on June 23 before they’re out the door and gone, much like Silent Hills itself.

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