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Best Game Builder Garage games & codes

Use these codes to play some excellent user-created games in Game Builder Garage.


Game Builder Garage is bringing a lot of developers out of the woodwork on Nintendo Switch. The game excels at giving players an opportunity to express their creativity through user generated games, and we’ve dug deep in search of some of the best Game Builder Garage games and codes.

Best Game Builder Garage games & codes

The ability to play other users’ games in Game Builder Garage is similar to that of Super Mario Maker 2. It’s a great opportunity for players to get inspiration for their own games or even for players that would rather play games than make them. Here are some Game Builder Garage games you should try out!


Finally, an F-Zero game on the Nintendo Switch. This creation pits players in the racing seat and asks them to do laps around a tight course.

  • Game ID: G-002-54C-N4P

Mario Kart

This is a rather impressive Mario Kart creation. What the track lacks in size, it makes up for in visual style. As the player races around the track, the character sprite will switch through the various Nintendo characters.

  • Game ID: G-006-1B9-DRL

Super Mario Galaxy 2 level

Judging by this Super Mario Galaxy 2 creation, the platforming games in Game Builder Garage are only going to get better and better. There is some fantastic programming skill on display here.

  • Game ID: G-005-7WP-XKY


Minecraft is already on the Nintendo Switch, but what’s amazing here is that someone has actually gotten it to run within a different game entirely. The sound and art style is on point in this game.

  • Game ID: G-002-91L-03F


Fans of the Game & Watch can play the Ball game right now on the Nintendo Switch.

  • Game ID: G-008-JD0-GJR


The quick turnaround on these games is incredible, it’s even more amazing when it’s a fast-paced title like Sonic.

  • Game ID: G-008-1WD-PCT

PAC-MAN: Definitive Edition

If the excellent PAC-MAN 99 isn’t enough for you, then you need to check out this user-created version of the famous pellet-munching title.

  • Game ID: G-002-LRJ-9RB

Homer Simpson game

I’m really not too sure what to call this Homer Simpson game. You pilot a Homer Simpson ship that must destroy Homer Simpson faces while dodging Homer Simpson obstacles. While this is happening, Homer Simpson art floats by in the background. It’s some kind of surreal experience.

  • Game ID: G-006-75Y-D64

Zelda, but first-person

This Game Builder Garage game takes the iconic Zelda game and makes it a first-person experience. You won’t be able to see everything going on around you, which immediately makes this more of a challenge.

  • Game ID: G-005-PHW-XB1

Ocarina of Time town demo

Remember the Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time demo that we saw way back in the early days of E3? Well, one clever user has managed to recreate that in Game Builder Garage.

  • Game ID: G-008-KG2-G8K

Doom Eternal

Get more Doom Eternal into your life by playing this mind-blowing user created content. There are a lot of things happening on screen at once, and some impressive AI working in the backend. If this is what people are making in the early days, imagine what’s going to come later.

  • Game ID: G-000-2HV-VLG


Slow down time and destroy enemies in Superhot, which has now been made in Game Builder Garage. The fact that the designer has managed to code in the bullet-time is actually amazing.

  • Game ID: G-002-LRM-JWV


P.T. scared the pants off of a whole lot of PlayStation 4 users and now Nintendo Switch players can get in on the action. It might not have the same horrifying model of Lisa, but it’s still just as creepy.

  • Game ID: G-002-XG2-9WT

These are but a handful of the excellent games on Nintendo’s Game Builder Garage. If you find any creations you love, be sure to drop the game ID in the Chatty thread below. Stop by the Shacknews Game Builder Garage page for our coverage of this unique game-creation game.

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    June 21, 2021 9:00 AM

    Sam Chandler posted a new article, Best Game Builder Garage games & codes

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      June 21, 2021 9:08 AM

      I wonder if you could do Marble Madness with this. I keep wondering if my oldest would like this, but she hasn't been super into building anything yet. Hard to judge compared to myself at the same age. I was way into computer and built my own by 12. I was more fearless I guess, but also an only child. I wonder how much of that give me more freedom to experiment on my own w/o getting bothered by siblings wrecking my stuff.

      Anyways, watching a few videos about building games with this shows it's definitely a labor of love to do anything decent. Perfect for kids that have loads of freetime during summer.

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        June 21, 2021 10:36 AM

        MM is definitely doable. I've been having some fun messing around with GBG, but it gets tedious doing some simple things I'm used to coding quickly. It's very user friendly with good tutorial games to get going though. Great for learning game design/coding concepts.

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