Shacknews E5 - Killing Floor 2 Interstellar Insanity update interview with Tripwire

Tripwire Interactive has a pretty incredible update coming to Killing Floor 2 with Interstellar Insanity and we took a deep dive into the content.


Killing Floor 2 has been kicking around the co-op zombie shooter space for quite some time, giving players no lack of content that continues to deliver more and more maps, guns, and delightful gore. With a new season, the crew at Tripwire Interactive is gearing up to launch a new update that will bring even more content to the game. With that in mind, we caught up with the devs to talk about the upcoming update, map, and weapons, as well as the balance between class gear and community content versus developer content.

It was Tripwire's Product Director David Amata that joined us as part of Shacknews E5 and the Summer of Doing Our Jobs. Starting at the topline, the Interstellar Insanity update and event, we touch on the weapons that are introduced in this update, including the Thermite Bore for Firebugs, FAMAS Masterkey for Support and Commando, HRG Bastion for SWAT, and HRG Blast Brawlers for Support. We talk about how the team determines which class should receive an update next and how those weapons are conceived and developed.

We also talk heavily about the new Moonbase map, which is a returning map from Killing Floor 1. That said, it didn’t have the third chapter of the Lockhart maps the first time around. Moreover, low gravity and killer clown-themed Zeds will factor into this fight. On that topic, we chat at length about how the Tripwire Interactive team balances between developer content and content from the community. Community response and feedback have always been a huge part of Killing Floor 2’s development, so Amata delves deep into the incorporation of community content and suggestions in the overall game and what comes next.

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