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Shacknews E5 - Volta-X designer talks inspirations, Ultra Man, & Metaverse Mode update

Volta-X has been serving up delightful robot battles and we caught up to its designer at Gungho to talk about its conception and recent updates.


Back in August 2020, GungHo Online Entertainment offered up Volta-X, giving players the opportunity to take part in giant robot battles in PvP and PvE format. The game is still serving up some fantastic new content nearly a year later with things such as the recent Metaverse update and more. So how did it come to be and what’s next? We caught up to GungHo Online Entertainment to talk at length about the game and the Metaverse Mode update, as well as its inspirations, including other giant mecha and Ultra Man.

Volta-X designer Fumi Shiraishi was kind enough to speak with Shacknews at length during our E5 Summer of Doing Our Jobs. We start by talking about Volta-X’s inspiration and gameplay design. The game features animalized pilots and mechs engaging in strategic battle. We talked about how the game sort of operates in turns and how the flow of combat was designed. Shiraishi also talked about how the various different mechs, archetypes, and their abilities and playstyles came into conception.

Shiraishi also takes us deeper into Volta-X’s design with the types of typical mecha inspirations that needed to be in the game. Those familiar with mech fandom will probably agree with Shiraishi that the game absolutely had to have a rocket punch and drill punch. Other inspirations included iconic and classic franchises like Ultra Man and Mazinger Z. We also talk about the new Metaverse Mode update a bit, which brought in an offline rogue-like game mode in which players will strive to progress as far as they can with their favorite pilot and mech, collecting rewards as they go to try to build their optimal loadout.

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