Shacknews E5 - Blooming Business: Casino asks you to become the ultimate casino manager

Paul Blachere talks with Shacknews about Blooming Business: Casino and game development.


Tycoon and city management games are everywhere these days to the point where it takes a lot to stand out in the genre. And yet, Paul Blachère and the team at Homo Ludens have done just that with Blooming Business: Casino. As part of Shacknews E5 2021, we got to talk shop with Blachère and discuss what goes into creating a game like Blooming Business: Casino and the environment surrounding game development. Please, take a look at the interview below!

In Blooming Business: Casino, players take on the role of a casino manager as they design and build their own casino. The aesthetic is that of the 1950s, when the likes of Las Vegas started to really rise, but there’s something different here, your clientele are all animals! It’ll be up to you to decide what type of casino manager you are and how you handle the drama that inevitably crops up.

Beyond the game, Blachère also dived into the philosophy and practices behind game development. The team strives to maintain a healthy work-life balance with the goal to eliminate the crunch culture that plagues the industry.

Head over to the Blooming Business: Casino Steam page and try out the demo, and then add it to your wishlist! While you’re out there, perusing the internet, roll on over to the Shacknews Twitch channel where you’ll find more Shacknews E5 2021 developer interviews and gameplay. If you miss any of the action as it’s happening live, you can catch up by checking out the videos on the Shacknews YouTube channel.

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