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Shacknews E5 - Nate Purkeypile Talks Fallout Series, Skyrim & New Indie Studio

The former Bethesda dev speaks at length about past projects and the process of breaking out on his own.


Few gaming franchises carry the clout of Fallout. From its humble beginnings under Interplay to its breakout success under Bethesda, the Fallout series is synonymous with video games. If you were big into the gaming scene in the mid-2000s, there is a good chance you got some quality time in with Fallout 3 and its various successors. One of the most prominent figures behind the development of those games is Nate Purkeypile. Purkeypile joined the Bethesda team back in 2007 and worked on multiple projects within the studio until his recent departure.

We got an opportunity to speak with Purkeypile recently and he opened up about his time at Bethesda working on Fallout games as well as his recent adventures in starting his own company.

Just Purkey Games is a new company formed by Purkeypile. The company officially lifted off back in May of this year and aims to proudly fly the flag of indie game development. Nate will be able to pull on years of experience as an artist for a AAA studio working on some of the biggest games ever produced.

Purkeypile served as a Lead Artist on Fallout 3 and Fallout 76. He was credited as a world artist on Fallout 4. He also contributed to Skyrim and to Starfield as a lighting artist before going independent. Be sure to check out the embedded interview above for more information.

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