Where was Grand Theft Auto 6 at E3 2021?

Fans were hoping to see some news on GTA 6 at E3 2021, but was there any?


Fans that are anxiously awaiting the next game announcement from Rockstar Games will have to wait for the foreseeable future. At E3 2021, some were hoping to hear word of Grand Theft Auto 6. However, there was no sign or mention of that next installment of the GTA franchise, or any other new Rockstar Games titles for that matter.

Where was GTA 6 at E3 2021

To put it bluntly, we were never going to get a Grand Theft Auto 6 announcement at E3 2021. First, we have no idea if that’s even Rockstar’s next major game. Secondly, even if GTA 6 was confirmed or announced, it’s unlikely that it would be through any official E3 2021 events or channels. When Rockstar Games announced Red Dead Redemption 2, it was with a simple Twitter post followed by a trailer a day or two after.

GTA 6 E3 2021

What is going on with Rockstar these days, you ask? Well, Rockstar is busy supporting both Grand Theft Auto Online, and Red Dead Online. Both games receive frequent content updates and have healthy player populations and communities. Anyone who wants to see what’s just been released, or what might be coming soon, should check out the official Rockstar Games website. Furthermore, the best place to learn about the next Rockstar Game would be the Rockstar Twitter account. As mentioned, that’s where we first got our tease for Red Dead Redemption 2 back in 2016.

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