Tinykin makes animated debut for PC Gaming Show 2021 at E3 2021

Developer Splashteam is debuting a new animated character for a 3D world with Tinykin.


Sunday's PC Gaming Show continued with a look at an animated romp, centered around a 2D cartoon character running around 3D environments. This whimsical-looking platformer is called Tinykin, coming from developer Splashteam, which is comprised of former developers from Ubisoft.

This game centers around alien astronaut Milo, who somehow travels back in time to the 1990s and lands in a strange house covered in insects. He also finds a strange species of animated beings called Pikmin tinykin. Yes, they're called tinykin and bear no resemblance to anything that already exists at all, whatsoever. Why would anyone say such a thing?

All jokes and snark aside, Tinykin looks like a brilliantly animated adventure, one that's certainly reminiscent of past Rayman games, which is where many of the Splashteam developers have cut their teeth. Players will find clever puzzles that help Milo find interesting new sites, reach far away places, and utilize the different tinykin abilities. The tinykin can become ladders, build bridges, carry objects, and trigger objects, just like Pikmin nothing else that you've heard of at all.

Tinykin is coming in 2022 to PC and unspecified consoles. There's a lot to check out during this long E3 2021 season, so stay tuned to Shacknews for more exciting reveals and announcements.

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