Lakeburg Legacies will put you in charge of a medieval village, love, and babies

Ishtar Games will do more than have you build and manage a kingdom in Lakeburg Legacies. You'll also play matchmaker among your citizenry.


We’ve seen plenty of games in which you build up a settlement and work on infrastructure and policies to make the citizenry happy. But what of love? What if you could be involved in matters of the heart and arrange the happy families that would carry on your kingdom’s continuity. That seems to be the interesting angle on the new city management sim Lakeburg Legacies. It was shown during E3 and now has a steam page where you can wishlist it.

Lakeburg Legacies was shown during the PC Gaming Show at E3 2021 on June 13, 2021. This game is going to put players in the charge of building up a medieval village. You’ll also try to make your citizens happy by seeking to match them together in love and matrimony. From what we saw, there are a number of different likes, dislikes, traits, and all sorts of other features of citizenry that will determine their compatibility in love. Getting it wrong could lead to wandering eyes and relationship problems, but true love could lead your population to expand.You can see the trailer for the game just below.

Ishtar Games has an interesting take on city management to say the least. All too often, gameplay is regulated to maintaining the city itself. The most we see out of interaction with citizenry is important NPCs, statistics on the general populous, and the policies we enforce which positively or negatively affect them. It looks like we’ll have a far more hands-on approach in helping our citizens find happiness and, in turn, the growth of our village’s families and lineage.

Lakeburg Legacies is slated for a launch on Steam sometime in 2022 - quite a ways out at the moment. Stay tuned for further updates and details as we follow this game for a concrete release date and more info. Be sure to keep up with Shacknews’ other E3 2021 coverage all throughout the events as well.

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