Wartales revealed at PC Gaming Show with 2021 release window

Shiro Games' Wartales is the latest indie game to receive a world premiere during the PC Gaming Show at E3 2021.


Wartales is the latest indie game exclusive reveal out of the PC Gaming Show at E3 2021. The isometric strategy game features epic tales across an empire. Wartales is set to release on Steam in 2021.

Set one hundred years after the rise of the Edoran Empire and its fall to a great plague, Wartales sets the player among outlaws, traveling bandits, and mercenaries to relive the old lore. Viewable in the trailer below, Wartales features isometric turn-based-strategy gameplay with a heavy narrative focus.

The CRPG genre was born from Dungeons & Dragons and fantasy role-playing rulesets but it has expanded to encompass any world imaginable. With Wartales, the scope of CRPG settings is dialed back to medieval times in a fantasy world, but without the fantastic elements of magic and sorcery.

Wartales instead, offers a more realistic campaign through a gigantic world on a quest for notoriety and wealth. Tactics will govern the battlefield as you confront fearless enemies and wild animals in turn-based combat. Companions, contracts, bounties, crafting, camp management and more are set to give more depth and life to your adventures.

Debuting at the PC Gaming Show at E3 2021, Wartales is set for release sometime in 2021 on Steam Early Access. We have plenty of news from the PC Gaming Show at E3 2021 so keep those tabs on Shacknews.

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