Where was Final Fantasy 16 at E3 2021?

One of the biggest games on Square Enix's future docket was not present at E3 2021, as we wonder what happened to Final Fantasy 16?


Square Enix and Final Fantasy are practically synonymous. Because of that, there was an expectation for Final Fantasy 16 to show up during Sunday's Square Enix Presents showcase for E3 2021. That was not meant to be, unfortunately. Even though Final Fantasy 16 is one of the publisher's most anticipated titles, it was not present at this show. What happened?

Where was Final Fantasy 16 at E3 2021?

Final Fantasy 16 was first unveiled back in September during the PlayStation 5 Showcase livestream for that month. It introduced a brand new storyline, never-before-seen characters, a more medieval style of setting, and more of the action-RPG style of gameplay that was first introduced in Final Fantasy 15. The game was announced as a PS5 console exclusive, which will also release on PC.

It looked like Square Enix would go heavy on Final Fantasy 16, especially with Final Fantasy 7 Remake Part 2 looking like it's coming much farther down the road. Instead, the publisher went in a different direction, revealing a brand new title called Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy. This will be co-developed by the folks at Team Ninja, who will inject a much more action-focused formula into the game.

With all that in mind, what's happening with Final Fantasy 16? The answer could be that it's being saved for a future PlayStation State of Play event or it's being saved for this year's Tokyo Game Show. The exact answer is a mystery, but as one of the biggest titles on Square Enix's upcoming catalog, its whereabouts shouldn't be a mystery for too long. We'll keep our eye out for the latest updates. For now, keep it on Shacknews, as we continue to follow everything that is announced, as well as a lot of stuff that isn't, during a very busy E3 2021 season.

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