Party Animals announced at Microsoft/Bethesda E3 2021 Showcase

Fans of fuzzy critters and senseless violence should find a lot to like with Party Animals.


One of the more unique showings we saw today during the Microsoft & Bethesda E3 2021 Showcase was from Party Animals. While it appears to be a new IP, Party Animals looks like it shares some DNA with Gang Beasts. The game is confirmed to be a console launch exclusive for the Xbox ecosystem and should provide countless hours of not-so-lighthearted fun.

While Party Animals bears a striking resemblance to earlier titles like Gang Beasts and Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, it is a new project from a new development team. Helmed by Recreate Games, Party Animals asks the question: What if a bunch of puppies and other cute critters decided to beat each other senseless?

The game first jumped into the public eye last year during the Steam Summer Games Festival when a small, playable demo was made available to try. The mix of cute critters and brutal, physics-based combat is certainly eye-catching and is sure to be a staple of multiplayer game nights. While no exact release date was made known, we learned that Party Animals will launch on both PC and Xbox consoles and that it will be available on launch day through Xbox Game Pass.

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