Hunt the Night gets new blood-soaked gameplay trailer

Face horrific foes and explore a dark fantasy world in Hunt the Night.


Fans of pixel artwork and challenging, Hyper Light Drifter-like games are in for a treat. Hunt the Night, developed by Moonlight Games, received a new gameplay trailer during the Guerrilla Collective Showcase at E3 2021, and it looks to be a doozy. Check out the trailer below.

Hunt the Night is a stylized action-adventure game featuring fast-paced and difficult combat. Players will use various dark powers and weaponry to fight through dungeons, explore the dark fantasy world, and take down gruesome bosses. Customization of the fighting style will be made available through different upgrades, like Crit Damage, Poison, Life Steal, and more. There are also other unique items that can be used to increase your stats.

The game’s Steam page offers the following overview of the story:

It is the 9th Age of humanity. The cycle of day is ruled by humans, the night one by horrid creatures. Despite its efforts, humanity is annihilated with every arrival of the Night.

A group of humans, calling themselves 'The Stalkers,’ discovered how to use the power of darkness to their advantage and fought the Night. However, it was not enough, and with every new dawn humanity rose again knowing that, with darkness, comes extinction.

Humanity found the ‘Seal of Night,’ an artifact that allowed them to stop the cycle in an everlasting day. In exchange for a blood oath that The Stalkers were willing to pay, the sun ruled for hundreds of generations and, for the first time, hope was a beacon of light. Yet fate proved unstoppable, and they paid the ultimate price.

Now, as the Night starts devouring every single glint of light, Vesper, a Stalker by right and daughter of the traitor, will travel a dying land trying to save the last embers of humanity. She hunts in a race against destiny, as the shadows lengthen both in the world and in her mind.

While there is no release date yet, Hunt the Night is coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC. You can add it to your wishlist via the Hunt the Night Steam page. Head over to the Guerrilla Collective Showcase page for more information on the numerous games that were announced during the special livestream. There’s also the Shacknews E3 2021 page for everything else announced during this wild week of video games.

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