Black Skylands shows off ship combat in new trailer

The new trailer gives players a look at ship combat and crafting and also gives a date for when you can play it.


It takes a lot to be unique in the video game sphere and Black Skylands manages to eke out an exciting new experience. Developed by Hungry Couch Games and published by tinyBuild, Black Skylands takes players to a world full of floating islands in the sky, where they must battle other pirates and monsters from aboard their skyship (or on the ground). Check out the trailer below.

The animated trailer for Black Skylands gives players an insight into the type of world they’ll be able to explore when the game hits Early Access on July 9. Players will man a skyship, which they build and craft themselves, as they explore an open world full of floating landmasses.

Said skyship is used as a base of operations and as a means of dealing with the many threats you’ll encounter in the sky and on land. But combat isn’t limited to just flying about shooting foes, you can also take to the ground in a top-down shooter experience. The threats you face range from enemy factions of pirates and monsters to grotesque eldritch beings that come crawling out of the clouds.

Players will also need to ensure they build the structures they'll need to survive. From Workshops for useful upgrades to Gardens and Ranches to grow and harvest crops, each building will add something special to your ship. This will be doubly important as you venture out into this open world game to make discoveries, craft alliances, and maybe check out the mysterious Black Skylands for which the game is named.

Black Skylands is set to hit Steam Early Access on July 9, 2021. Head over to the Black Skylands Steam page where you can wishlist the game so you don’t miss its release date. Take a moment to look over the Shacknews E3 2021 page as it’s here you’ll find all the other news coming at you during this silly season of video game announcements.

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