Tstand 2 Impressions - Stop holding your screens

If you spend a lot of time consuming content on portable screens, the Tstand 2 can offer some comfort.


These days, many of us consume more content on portable devices than on traditional screens, such as TVs, computer monitors, or even laptops. Phones, portable gaming consoles, and tablets have taken over our lives and bring a lot of flexibility to when and where we watch content and play games. A major downside of these devices is the fact that they can be awkward to hold. How many of you have dropped your phone onto your chest or face while watching the latest ShackStream? In steps the Tstand 2, a multi-purpose stand/device holder that supports just about any size screen you may have kicking around.

Just launched on Kickstarter, the Tstand 2 transforms into a number of different positions and supports a wide range of screen sizes. The Tstand 2 has a base with a folding arm atop it that can unfold across a full 310 degrees. Its main purpose is to sit on your torso while you're lounging on a couch, hammock, or your bed. Its adjustable angles mean that you can be in just about any position and still balance your device at a reasonable viewing distance. Additionally, the Tstand 2 can function as a more traditional desk stand to allow you to use your larger devices, such as a Surface or iPad Pro, as a second or even primary display.

The Tstand 2 supports devices as small as your phone and as large as 13.5-inch tablets. It does this by utilizing a simple clamp design backed by rubber bands and a removable smartphone adapter that ensures even a smaller device stays securely fastened. One of the main upgrades over the first iteration of the Tstand is the new rubberized coating that covers the entirety of the device. It provides a very nice grip to the base, ensuring that no matter your position, your device won't be at risk of sliding off.

Using the Tstand 2 for the past month, I found it to be solidly constructed and comfortable to use. I've used it everywhere, from the backyard hammock to the couch and at my desk in order to support my iPad as yet another device inside my virtual flight sim cockpit. Throughout, the Tstand 2 felt comfortable and stable to use, holding even large devices stably over my body while I enjoyed content in as lazy a position as possible. The neck clamp has reportedly improved from the previous version, but I still felt the need to be quite cautious every time I swapped out a device. The rubber bands keeping everything together appear to be quite heavy duty and are likely to be the only potential point of failure over the life of the device.

The design of the Tstand 2's base means that even though it can support smaller screens, it's most useful for medium to large-sized devices. I found that getting smaller screens close enough to my eyes was a bit of a struggle. It's a shame that screens are only viewable from the front of the device, though having any sort of rotational functionality would likely sacrifice the current ruggedness of the Tstand 2. An unexpected use case for this device became apparent during some recent wrist pains that made it difficult to hold a device for long periods of time. The Tstand 2 can act as a great support tool to ensure that anyone with repetitive strain injuries can get some relief.

The Tstand 2 is currently available on Kickstarter for $59 USD and will eventually retail at $97.99 USD. The Kickstarter price seems more appropriate for the value the Tstand 2 provides, but this will vary depending on how much time you spend watching movies or following livestreams on your mobile screens.

The Tstand 2 was provided by the manufacturer for coverage purposes.

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