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World War Z Aftermath brings zombie slaying to new consoles

The zombie slaying has not ended, as World War Z Aftermath is slated for PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X.


There's a lot to the World War Z mythos, so it only stands to reason that the original release wouldn't be the end of the zombie slaying. In fact, it's time for next-gen consoles to get in on the fun. World War Z Aftermath is a new expansion that will add new content, revamped old content, and bring the zombie killing game to next-gen consoles.

According to IGN, World War Z Aftermath includes everything from the original World War Z Game of the Year Edition and also adds new characters, a revamped melee system, some new zombie types, and a new first-person mode. Players will venture to the base game's various locations, as well as three new sites: Rome, Vatican City, and Kamchatka. On top of that, each of the game's eight classes will offer new perks to go along with their previous abilities.

World War Z released on old-gen consoles and on PC as an Epic Games Store exclusive back in April 2019. The PC version received middling reviews on Metacritic, with many reviewers citing several flaws. Saber Interactive hopes some of the core system revamps will address some of these issues, while also offering enhancements to PC and next-gen console owners in the form of 4K visuals and 60fps performance.

World War Z Aftermath is coming later this year to PC, as well as PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X. Cross-platform play will be available across all platforms. The full package will be available for $39.99 USD, but if you already own the original World War Z, you'll be able to upgrade for just $19.99.

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