Hitman's Paris level is free to play throughout the coming week

If you have Hitman 3 or pick up the free Hitman 3 Starter Pack, you can play Hitman 1's Paris mission, including all activities in it for free this coming week.


The Paris mission in the 2016 Hitman reboot was a mood setter, to say the least. Where IO Interactive has been well known for their work on expansive locations and activities in the Hitman games, this is where the first game of the new trilogy really showed us the kind of sheer depth and beauty it had in store for us throughout the following three games. If you somehow jumped in at a later date or weren’t on board when the trilogy began, IO Interactive is giving you a way to see the mission that kicked off the trilogy for free this coming whether you own Hitman or not.

The free trip to Paris was actually announced earlier this month in Hitman 3’s May roadmap, but the opportunity opens up as of May 28, as advertised in a new trailer on the Hitman YouTube channel. From now until June 6, 2021, if you own either Hitman 3 in its full form or in its free Starter Edition, you can take part in missions in Paris from the 2016 Hitman. That includes being able to play the main scenario, The Showstopper, or even take part in the hunt for Elusive Target The Black Hat coming to the location on June 4.

Paris is a fantastic location in the rebooted Hitman trilogy and an incredible look back at how well IO Interactive had its new take on Hitman put together even back then. With Hitman 3 out already and running its own content through new Elusive Targets and DLC like the Seven Deadly Sins series (which just launched its Pride chapter), there’s still a lot to love throughout the previous two games and this is a great chance to see for yourself if you haven’t played them before.

Whether you own Hitman 3 or want to check it out through the Free Starter Pack, Paris is available to play now. Check it out while you can and stay tuned for further content coming to the game.

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