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Farlight 84 preview: Wasteland royale

Lilith Games' Farlight 84 is a chaotic third-person shooter coming to mobile and PC next year.


The shooter genre is already quite established on PC, however it may not have the same level of representation on mobile devices. Lilith Games looks to deliver an exciting shooter experience with Farlight 84, a third-person shooter that will come to iOS and Android as well as PC in 2022. I had the chance to learn more and see some exclusive gameplay of Farlight 84 from the developers at Lilith Games.

Keeping it stylish

Farlight 84 is set in a post-apocalyptic wasteland, where players will hunt each other down across different locations. What I immediately noticed about Farlight 84 was its style and presentation. Despite the fact that it’s set in a wasteland, the environments are colorful and vibrant. The different playable characters are also very wacky and over-the-top, whether it be a deadly duck mascot or a pizza delivery girl. It was very clear to see the influence from games like Fortnite in Starlight 84.

It’s clear that cosmetics will be a big component in Farlight 84. It’s unique cast of characters will all have alternate skins, which will come in different rarities. There are also eleven different jetpacks that players can use, which we were told will have unique characteristics to them.

The hunt for victory

Despite its visual inspiration from a game like Fortnite, Farlight 84 is technically not a battle royale video game. The game’s core mode is called Hunt, and it’s a 48-player PvP mode in which players are tasked with hunting down and eliminating marked players on enemy teams. Teammates will work to keep their marked ally safe.

Getting eliminations will reward players with points. Once a certain number of points are reached, a team can evacuate from the map and leave the game. However, they will have to safely make it to one of the game’s evacuation sites to do so. Of course, there is also the option of seeing the match through to its conclusion, fighting against everybody in order to be the final team alive, granting bonus rewards for players.

Chaos in action

After the developers told us about what they had been putting together in Farlight 84, they showed us. We got to see some gameplay from a match of Hunt. I got a look at the 1.2 km map, which features several unique locations. Something that really stood out to me was the emphasis on traversal. Players have a jetpack which they can use to boost themselves into the air and reach platforms, or just propel forward at a faster rate than running. There’s also a variety of different vehicles that help players quickly cover ground.

We saw the player use a variety of weapons to attack and take down a marked target. Players can go from building to building and gather ammunition and loot to give them the upper hand in battle. After defeating an enemy, they drop a box that you can use to take all of their gear and items for yourself.

A new battleground

Farlight 84 is the first shooter from developer Lilith Games, who has seen success with other genres on mobile devices in the past. Farlight 84 looks to bring cartoonish action and combat with a diverse cast of characters and some unique abilities. The game is set to hit its full release in 2022, but has a closed beta coming on June 15.

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