How to unlock new abilities - Biomutant

Learn where to unlock new abilities and what all those points are used for in Biomutant.


Biomutant has quite a lot of abilities for players to unlock. There are abilities related to your biogenetics, your psi-powers, resistances, your combat style and even general perks. With so much going on, it can be difficult to know where all these things are, and more importantly, how to actually unlock new abilities.

How to unlock new abilities

biomutant unlock abilities
There are three main upgrade currencies that are used to unlock abilities and passives from several different areas.

As you progress through Biomutant, defeating enemies and completing missions, you will start to earn various currencies to unlock abilities and perks. These are Upgrade Points, Bio Points, and Psi-Points. These are all unlocked through three different tabs in the Character screen. Here’s an explanation of what each currency unlocks.

The Mutations tab is where you'll find Biogenetic abilities and stat increases to your Resistances.

Bio Points unlock Biogenetic abilities and Resistances. These are found under the Mutations tab of the character screen. Resistances are straightforward. This is how well you’re able to shrug off the effects of various elements like heat, cold, radiation and biohazard. Biogenetics are abilities you can use as attacks that bind to your quick actions – like Rad Wisps, which fires out purple, enemy-seeking particles that deal Radioactive damage.

biomutant psi powers
Psi-Points are responsible for your Psi-Powers.

Psi-Points are responsible for unlocking Psi-Powers, which are also under the Mutations tab. These are like Biogenetics in that they are equipped as a quick action. Psi-Powers include things like being able to dash around leaving fire in your wake and using telekinesis on enemies. Psi-Powers can also only be unlocked if you’ve reached the correct Aura level.

biomutant wung-fu
Wung-Fu is all about your melee and guns and the various combos you can do with them.

Upgrade Points are the last type of currency you will be earning that are used to unlock abilities. Upgrade Points are used to unlock new Wung-Fu abilities (such as unique weapon attacks, double-jumping, and other melee moves) and Perks (passive benefits to your character, like increasing weapon attack speed). These are found through the Wung-Fu and Perks tabs in the character screen.

As you continue to play Biomutant, you will start to earn more Upgrade Points, Bio Points, and Psi-Points, which will be used to unlock new abilities and perks. Make sure you’re checking to see what you want to unlock next, that way you know what you’re working toward. Stop by the Shacknews Biomutant page for more help on your way across the lush, post-apocalyptic world.

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