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Does Resident Evil Village have a secret ending?

Resident Evil Village's ending doesn't quite end at the "ending." Make sure you stick around for a tease at what comes next.


Resident Evil Village is quite the game. It’s not a long one by any stretch of the imagination, but the sheer amount of cool things to discover in Village is still staggering. Heck, the story itself may take a few passes before it all clicks as to just what the heck happened. Even so, the ending ties a nice ribbon things as they are for this particular arc. We’re not talking about the regular ending mind you. Resident Evil Village has an extra tidbit for you if you stick around.

SPOILER WARNING: Obviously, this article takes a deep dive into what happened throughout Resident Evil Village, including most of the major concluding plot points. DO NOT READ AHEAD if you don’t wish to be spoiled on any major points that happen in the game.

Does Resident Evil Village have a secret ending?

Resident Evil Village doesn’t really have a secret ending per se. It just has an extended ending if you stick around after the credits. After all, Resident Evil Village’s regular ending is rather abrupt and while it sets up what could be coming next in the franchise, it’s really kind of somber and sudden. The post-credits scene on Resident Evil Village sheds light on a lot of more interesting details and gives a bit more closure to the whole affair. You can see it below if you want.

It’s really interesting to see the character the post-credits scene in Resident Evil Village focuses on. It leaves us wondering, will a new Resident Evil come immediately after RE Village like the pre-credits ending suggests or will it put quite a bit of time between Resident Evil Village and whatever Resident Evil 9 is.

Need any help making sense of what happened in Resident Evil Village and what we’re talking about with this ending? Check out our full breakdown of Resident Evil Village’s ending and entire story explained for more details, and then get ready for New Game Plus!

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    May 21, 2021 10:55 AM

    TJ Denzer posted a new article, Does Resident Evil Village have a secret ending?

    • reply
      May 21, 2021 11:18 AM

      I really like when RE hard pivots like it did with 4 and 7 to different types of games and locations. Although I guess Leon was in 2 and 4.

      Hard to care about Ethans offspring when you never even saw Ethans face ever or knew anything about him other than the dude had some tough hands.

      • reply
        May 21, 2021 11:38 AM

        Yeah, I'd agree with that mostly. I think the sole exception is House Beneviento and the trip it takes you on through the distrust and insecurity of the Winters family.

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          May 21, 2021 11:41 AM

          Why did Mia tell Chris that Ethan was "special" alluding to some like magic powers? Nothing ever really came of that. It was weird red herring

          • reply
            May 21, 2021 12:59 PM

            that scene plays after Ethan is killed and he actually revives right after that, so no red herring.

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